What is a tag?

A tag is a non-hierarchical keyword assigned to a piece of information. It is used as meta data for describing what a text is about.


All tags are categorized into different types that describes the semantic meaning of the tag. Currently we categorize tags int following categories.

  • Person - A living, dead or fictive person.
  • Organization - A company, department, organization or product.
  • Location - A geographical place.
  • Unknown - When we couldn't predict the category.
  • URL - An Internet- or mail address.


A tag also has a relevance value which indicates how important the tag is for the given text.

What will be extracted as a tag?

When you, through Saplo API, get the entity tags for a text they will by default be extracted exactly as they where written in the text. This means that if a name is misspelled or an entity are written twice but with different spelling both occurences will be extracted. E.g. If both “Washington” and “Washinton” exists in the text they will be extracted as two tags.