What is a group?

Simply, a group of texts that you choose. A group can contain texts from different collections, the only restriction is that the text and group share the same language.

If you have used API 1.0 earlier, Group is equivalent with Context

What’s the purpose of a group?

A group can be used to categorize texts in to different sub-collections. E.g. create a group that only contains financial texts or perhaps a group that only contain texts of your personal interests. When you have a group it's possible to find what groups are related to each other by it's contextual meaning or find texts that has the same contextual meaning as the group.

What can I build using groups?

It's possible to build personalized or customized filters to identify/sort out (un)relevant data. Groups can also be used as an extension for advertising platforms for placing ads more correctly (e.g. create a group containg texts that an ad should be placed with then find texts related to that group. Voila, now you have your contextual advertising engine.

How can groups be related?

Currently a group can be related to other groups or texts by its contextual meaning, though our vision is that in the future be able to relate groups and texts in various ways, e.g. related by tags, statistics, sentiment etc.