This version of the API is deprecated.

See text.tags for the current version of this method.


Get all entity tags that exist in a text.

Request Parameters

Corpus IDint (required)

The id for the corpus where the source article exists.

Article IDint (required)

The id for the source article.

waitint (default: 0)

Maximum time you want to wait for a result to be calculated. Maximum is 120 sec. If you set wait to 0 you will only start the process and disconnect and can check out the result later.

Skip Categorizationint (default: 0)

Set to 1 for speed optimization but can result in tags not being categorized (organizations, persons, locations).

Response Parameters


A unique id combined with corpusId and articleId for the tag result.


Actually, the tag word


An id that represents which category the tag exists in. See Notes.


A value for how relevant the tag is for the text in relation to the other tags in the text. This value is between 0-1.

Code Examples



{"id":0,"result":[{"tagId":1,"tagWord":"Barack Obama","tagTypeId":3},{"tagId":2,"tagWord":"Saplo","tagTypeId":4, "relevance":1},{"tagId":3,"tagWord":"USA","tagTypeId":5, "relevance":0}]}


Tag Type Ids:
1 - Unknown - We couldn't identify which type it should be.
3 - Person - Identified as a person. Real of fictive doesn't matter.
4 - Organization - Identified as an organization. E.g. a company, government
5 - Location - Identified as a geographical location. E.g. country, city, street.