This version of the API is deprecated.

See collection.create for the current version of this method.


Creates a new corpus (container to store articles and texts in) and returns an id for the created corpus. A corpus may only contain articles with the same language (i.e. only english texts in the corpus).

Request Parameters

Corpus NameString (required)
Provide a name for your new corpus.
LanguageString (required)
Specify what language the articles/texts that will be stored in the corpus are written in. English and Swedish are supported and specified according to ISO 639-1 Swedish = "sv", English = "en".
Corpus DescriptionString

Provide a description for your new corpus. Use something that describes what the corpus contains (i.e. English blog posts from my personal blog)

Response Parameters

A unique id for your newly created corpus.

Code Examples


  "params":["MyApp corpus", "English blog posts from my personal blog", "en"],



  • A corpus is a container to store articles and texts in.
  • A corpus can only store text for the language it is created for.