This version of the API is deprecated.

See group.relatedGroups for the current version of this method.


Get how similar (like) an article is to a list of contexts.

Request Parameters

Corpus IDint (required)

The corpus id for where the article you want get similarity for exists.

Article IDint (required)

The article id for your source article.

Against Context IdsJava Formatted ArrayList (required)

A java formatted ArrayList containing all context ids you want to compare against. See User Notes for how to do a Java formatted ArrayList.

Min Thresholddecimal

Threshold for how like answers must be. E.g. 0.8 is 80 % similar.


Number of max answers.

Waitint (default: 0)

How long you maximum want to wait for an answer before shutting down the connection. (Max 120 sec) If set to 0 then it will shutdown instantly if no results already exists.

Response Parameters


The result context id.


A value between 0-1 for how semantically like the source article are compared to the context.


A Java formatted ArrayList looks like this:

Basically you need to send a JSON object looking like the one above, but replace the numbers with your article ids.