This version of the API is deprecated.

See group.addText for the current version of this method.


Add articles that you like to a specified context.

Request Parameters

Context IDint (required)

A unique id for the context you want to add the like articles to.

Corpus IDint (required)

The corpus id for where the articles you want to add as "like" articles exists.

Article IDsJava Formatted ArrayList (required)

A java formatted ArrayList containing all article ids you want to add as "like" articles. See User Notes for how to do a Java formatted ArrayList.

waitint (default: 0)

Maximum time you want to wait for the process. Maximum is 120 sec. If you set 0 you will only start the process and disconnect.

Response Parameters

True if it was a success else throws exception.

Code Examples


{"method":"context.addLikeArticles","params":[4, 45,{"javaClass":"java.util.ArrayList","list":[1,34,891]},5],"id":0}



A Java formatted ArrayList looks like this:

Basically you need to send a JSON object looking like the one above, but replace the numbers with your article ids.