Give feedback by adding a tag to a text.

Request Parameters

tagString (required)
collection_idint (required)

Define what text collection

text_idint (required)

Define what text.

May also use ext_text_id.
categoryString (default: Unknown)

What type of tag it is categorized as.
Currently following category types are detected. A category doesn't have any sub-categories and may contain tags as stated below.
Person - A living, dead or fictive person.
Organization - A company, department, organization or product.
Location - A geographical place.
Unknown - When we couldn't predict the category.
URL - An Internet location or mail address.

relevancedecimal (default: 1)

The value for how relevant the tag is for the text in relation to the other tags in the text. This value is between 0-1.


Define what text it is.

Response Parameters


Code Examples