Method optimized for publishers.

Note: This method only works with texts that has a publish_date.

Premium method

Request Parameters

collection_idunique int (required)

Collection where source text is stored

text_idint (required)

Source text id

allow_later_textsboolean (required) (default: false)

If texts that are published later (has a newer publish_date) than the source article is allowed in the result set.


If external references are used.

If both text_id and ext_text_id is provided, then text_id will prevail.
waitint (default: 5)

Wait time before disconnecting.

Increase this if your connection disconnects.
limitint (default: 50)

Max number of results to return

collection_scopeint array (default: same as collection_id)

Collections to search for related texts in

days_oldint (default: 90)

The maximum days old (compared to the source text) a text is allowed to be for be included in the result.

tags_skip_tag_relatedboolean (default: false)

By default it is possible to find related texts based on only tagging. If you want to turn this feature of set to true.

tags_min_common_tagsint (default: 2)

Number of related tags needed to be assumed related when doing tag related search.

tags_include_categoriesArray (String) (default: all tag categories)

Define what tag categories should be searched for common tags. (unknown, person, location, organization).
Example: If only "person" is set then only tags that are categorized as a person are used when finding related texts based on tags.

sem_skip_tag_relatedboolean (default: false)

Turn off searching of related texts that has a semantic relevance that is between "sem_min_threshold" and "sem_max_threshold".

Setting this to true makes "sem_min_common_tags" obsolete.
sem_min_common_tagsint (default: 1)

Number of tags that the source text must have in common with the texts that has a semantic relevance but is not directly qualified by the "sem_max_threshold"

sem_max_thresholddouble (default: 0)

Texts with a semantic relevance higher than this value is considered related regardless of how many common tags the result text has with the source text.

We usually recommend setting this to ~0.85
sem_min_thresholddouble (default: 0.5)

Texts must have a semantic relevance higher than this value to exist in the result set.

We usually recommend setting this to ~0.6

Response Parameters

See text.relatedTexts