Error Codes

Error CodeError Message
595Token has expired
899Unknown exception occured.
1001Missing required field(s).
1002Language not supported yet.
1003Processing request.
1004Sorry, still processing but I am working as fast as I can.
1005Sorry, your max waiting time was reached, but I am still processing.
1007Sorry, you do not have any API Calls left.
1008Maximum API Calls for this hour reached.
1009You do not have permission to use the API.
1010An unknown error occurred while completing your task.
1101API-key and/or Secret-key incorrect
1201No permission for that operation on collection.
1202No collection with that id exists for user, need to create a collection first.
1203Maximum number of collections exceeded.
1204No such article exists.
1206Article language and collection language don't match.
1207No collection with that id.
1208Wrong date format. Should be 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS'
1211Article headline too long, max length is 250 chars. Your article headline is ... chars long.
1212Article authors too long, max length is 100 chars. Your article authors is ... chars long.
1213Article URL too long, max length is 1000 chars. Your article url is ... chars long.
1214Article body too long, max length is 100.000 chars. Your article body is ... chars long.
1215Article lead too long, max length is 2000 chars. Your article lead is ... chars long.
1216Malformed HTML detected.
1217Text with provided ext_text_id already exists.
1401No group with id [...] .
1402No permission for that operation on group [...] .
1404Maximum limit of contexts reached.
1405Group with provided name already exists.
1407Group [...] is empty. Please add articles first.